Zenport Building 1, Sherwood, OR
LTV Copperweld (formerly Welded Tube Company) Fabrication Mill, Portland, OR (GM)
Oregon Food Bank Warehouse and Office, Portland, OR (GM)
BOC Gas, Jackson County, OR (GM)
Miller Paint Warehouse, Portland, OR (GM)
Catellus Southshore Office Park, Portland, OR (GM)
McCabe’s Quality Foods Warehouse Expansion, Portland, OR (GM)
USPS P&DF Facility Expansion and Remodel, Eugene, OR (GM)
USPS Sellwood DCU Remodel, Portland, OR (GM)
USDA Exterior Wall and Roof Renovations, Kimberly, ID (GM)
USDA Storage Building, Pullman, WA (GM)
USDA Greenhouse Remodel, Prosser, WA (GM)